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About Narmo

Company Overview

Narmo International Inc. provides solutions for government, commercial, and consumer level through research, development, and integration of divisions and partners. Narmo International Inc. constantly innovates and incubates new strategies with system integrations to assist the clients to be the leader in the dynamic changing market. We are aimed to be the highest standard in the industry to provide superior services and products for our clients to reach the next level of business. The partnership with the industry's leading corporations compensates all aspects of the clients and fulfills their requests. The continuous growth is the vision of Narmo International Inc. We share our vision with the clients by providing supports with further developments and assistance to enhance their business on the go.

Founded on the 10th of January 2005, Narmo International Inc. has provided our clients for financial, business, and e-commerce supports. With the continuous growth of Narmo International Inc. we are acquiring and cooperating with partners to provide a better and more variety services for our clients.

What is Narmo?

Narmo is very similar to the word norma which is originally the Latin word for "norm". Narmo reflects the company's passion and spirit of setting the standards for the industry.
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